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Blogger E.L. Wisty said... do you start with a song? I mean, how do you get an idea? Do you first come up with an idea for what to write a song about, the lyrics? Or some musical idea? Not demanding you to reveal your secrets of course! :-)

4:27 PM  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

Hi E.L.,
I get them a few different ways, free form jamming like in this clip, or sometimes the really good ones will just pop into my head for no reason, and I'll have to go grab the guitar right then. Or a pen and paper.A lot of my catchier tunes happen like that.
Thanks for asking!:)

5:48 PM  
Blogger JackJumpedOverTheMoon said...


Funny Anecdote, probably untrue:

(This has absolutely nothing to do with anything.)

A Jazz saxophonist is working in a lounge on the second floor of an office building, and receives a request for "Over The Rainbow". This unnamed saxophonist (because of the high likelyhood this story is untrue) picks a key and starts his quartet in a beautiful rendition of the song. Everything is going wonderfully, and the audience member who made the request is thrilled until the band hits the bridge. The saxophonist gets a memory block. No problem, he just tells the band to vamp until he remembers how the bridge starts. But it doesn't come to him. The band is still vamping. He's starting to look like an idiot and the crowd is getting restless. The vamping continues and the saxophonist is starting to lose it. This has to end somehow. He can't just end the tune here, he knows that would be a dead giveaway to the crowd. He bets all the rest of the crowd knows what should come next, so he can't just play the chorus and end. He is mortified.

So he throws himself out of the second story window. (It is unclear whether the band stopped vamping at this point or not.)

Obviously, this fall was not high enough to kill him, but he had suffered breaks in several different places. As he lays in the alley he hears the sound of the ambulance sirens approaching. Then he laughs.

Listen to the bridge of "Over The Rainbow", and then to the interval of an ambulance siren. You'll understand why he laughed.

That was one of my favorite stories as a kid. :)


5:55 PM  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

This is hilarious, and it can't be true! LOLOL :D
But I get the idea, and that has happened to me many times.The garbage trucks, when they pick up the trash cans all in a row, one right after the other, it makes a series of noises from the hydraulics, I guess, and the motor. Sounds like music.

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Blogger Anne-Marie said...

That's very cool. I used to write songs by starting with lyrics mostly. Then I'd just start singing them and seeing where they would take me. I hardly ever used the piano (which was the instrument I wrote on) to get me started, because my limited ability to play would become my limited ability to write. Eventually, I got better as a player and it wasn't such a problem.
I like hearing about how people compose because I suspect it's different for everyone, and also can be influenced by whether or not you can read music, etc...


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Blogger Marietta said...

Hey Lisa,

Haven't seen your clips for some time now. It looks promising....

The story Jack posted is hilarious and so true. There was a similar story about the London Underground in the papers, LOL.

Take care,

12:09 PM  
Blogger ian g. said...

Took me a LONG time before I'd let anyone hear my composing tapes. (Years in fact). I like your attitude.

ian gordon.

5:41 PM  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

Thanks Marietta and Ian!
I need to make more...

6:46 PM  

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