Saturday, January 14, 2006

Did I capture my ghost? Stare at the area next to me,where the wall, microwave and cabinet are for the whole thing. You'll see a pinkish hue towards the end of it.It stays for a second or two, then leaves. never thought I'd post this, I was secretly working on my Stairway To Heaven cover, It's getting better. I'm doing it by ear, though. Sucks because I don't really want you to see this, but something happens on this recording,
the lights come again.
A few times now, this white flash of light happens for a split second. Not very often, but enough to make me wonder what's up. But this is the longest the light has lingered, something seems to be going on for sure.
One time when I was playing this one song 5,000 times, I was recording it, and a huge
crash happened next to me, and it was all this stuff had slid from the dining room table and fallen to the floor. I wasn't touching it. I actually sent that particular
video clip to someone, because I was really freaked out by the circumstances of that.
There was no way whatsover anything should have fallen off the table, if you only knew! It was as if "it" was tired of hearing that song and had a tantrum!
But like I said, this is the light thing that keep happening when I'm recording music, but this time it did something different. For your consideration. Ignore the song and watch for the light differences.Hmm...


Blogger Dan L. said...


You can never be sure of the forces out there we cannot comprehend. I could tell you some stories...! Never did I ever want to know about 'em, but I had no stinkin' choice. I was not the only one there in any of the cases, either.

--Dan L.

7:28 PM  
Blogger Bonfire Jones said...

Lisa, Thanks for stopping by & sharing your imprint memory! John Bonham's death was a big hit for Zep fans. 1980 wasn't a very good year with - Bonham's death as well as John Lennon's murder.

I want hear your music but my connection is buggy for some reason. Once I get to listen I'll let you know what I think.

Gary has a really cool mp3 up that I heard recently! Gary's a cool cat! Regards, Bonfire

10:05 PM  
Blogger Mary Beth said...

Hmm...that is strange. I can see the light dim for a bit too. The crash from your table would definitely have freaked me out - I wouldn't have been able to sleep that night forsure! I guess the moral is that you never know who or 'what' is listening!

Hey, if stuff starts happening all the time, you can charge admission to your place to see hauntings! :)

7:48 AM  
Blogger Anne-Marie said...

I'd be freaked out somehow. My brother's partner saw a ghost in the first house we ever bought together back in the early 90s, in their 2nd floor apartment (lucky me, on the first floor!). He smiled back and just went about his business when the ghost walked into a closet that had formerly had a walk-up to the attic. I would have had a heart attack.


7:35 PM  
Blogger ginab said...

Hey, I watched and, well, I didn't see a flash of light. Maybe it was yoru inspiration for playing Stairway by ear, by memory!

Yes, I heard the crash of stuff from the table...tho. I did.

I'm hungry! It's lunch time here.

9:24 AM  
Blogger SusieQ said...

Hey Lisa, I could see the lights changing alright, but did you notice something else! Next time when you watch the clip, look REAL closely at the wall next to you in the clip, it's hard to explain what I see so just watch the clip again REAL CLOSELY, okay! and then tell me if you see anything. LYBFN

5:30 PM  
Blogger Nabonidus said...

I saw it, Susie Q! It turns kind of...pinkish for a second or two. If you stare at the area next to me for the whole thing, you can't miss it.

5:39 PM  

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