Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Give the lady a hand...

There have still been odd little things happening here with regards to someone leaving things on my car, etc.
Recently when my car was even dustier than usual, I came out one day (the same day of the week that I usually find things on my car from the secret admirer)and there was a hand print right in the center of the hood of my car. Fingers pointed out towards the road. Looked weird, like my car was branded or something. I actually stood next to my car and kinda leaned over, had to stretch and contort a little to place my hand exactly over the hand to see how they did it. And to see just how large the hand was (to figure out if a younger kid did it). I didn't touch it, though. They had to be taller than I am. Or at least have a longer arm than I do. Their hand was definitely larger than mine, too. :(
This creeped me out a little, so I went and washed my car right away. Even if it was a coincidence, I didn't like it. Kinda timely coincidence, with the other stuff left on the hood of my car.