Friday, April 21, 2006

New Profile Pic...

I actually kept that last one up for a while, didn't I?
Is that some kind of record for me? How long I've left a profile pic up (without ultimtely getting sick of it and putting up a new one). I liked that last one because I looked intense. Or at least I thought I looked kinda intense, anyway.:) Let's see, wonder how long I had that one up? I can check this out...
I had that last one up since March 5! That is some sort of record for me! Heheh...

This pic here has that funny soft old Star Trek effect to it, which is why I like it. I just now took the picture. This is the only one that came out softly blurred like this.
The old Star Trek effect is something we always joked about when watching the old original Star Trek. Whenever they would show a pretty woman, they would invariably use this hazy camera effect, a blurring effect. Later I noticed it all the time in those photography studio photos, "Glamour Shots" or Star Shots" or whatever those studios call themselves. The ones that do your makeup and hair and then take pics of you. That's a popular effect with them, understandably.
And in fact here I am using it, like I said. The hazy effect.
Wonder why only the one photo came out like this? There was a flash of white
today, just a small one, right before then. There actually hasn't been a flash of white light in the camera in a long time. Or the blurring, as a matter of fact. It hasn't blurred since that one time. Unless that's what happened there. I oughtta make a video to see if I can capture anything, strike while the iron's hot.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter Weekend Everyone...

I like Easter. One can celebrate the bunnies, chicks, grass, flowers and colored-eggs- version ( not to mention the feasting, oh yes, the feasting) of Easter without accepting the Christian beliefs of the day. A celebration of spring arriving.
Although this is The Big Day if you are Christian... I'm sure everyone knows this, of course! But theoretically: shouldn't Easter be bigger than Christmas? Since that's the day he rose from the dead? The whole religion rests upon that and the Ascension.

If he'd stayed dead, people wouldn't be eating ham tomorrow.Ham. Yuck, I don't like ham at all! I'm barbecuing steak tomorrow.
I even don't care if it rains tomorrow, by God I'm barbecuing! Pardon the pun. Hey, I'm literally by God barbecuing tomorrow! If you consider that I wouldn't be barbecuing if it wasn't Easter, Heheh.. :)
Anyway, Happy Easter everyone! Hope you have a nice weekend. Sorry I haven't posted to this blog in awhile. I didn't realize until now.