Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wow. So Bogged Down Was I...

That I completely forgot, get this, I completely forgot the Who is coming to San Diego.
Tomorrow night. I almost missed it. Wow.
The Who are coming! lol :D

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Just Trying To Hang In There ...

Kinda going through some worries right now.The kinds of things people don't generally like to talk about. Usually too proud.
So I can only hope for the best and try not to get too down. But I'm so stressed out.
Scared. :(
I guess if people believe in God and they want to pray for me, I wouldn't mind that. :(
I'm really scared and sad right now.
I know there's interesting things going on, things I enjoy participating in.
But I may not be able to participate if...
I dunno, I need to calm down.
I'm getting a migraine or something. :(

Monday, February 26, 2007

General Spew....

This post is about anything. If you want to spew anything on your mind, feel free.
I'll start:
Robin Thicke: " Lost without you" (song).
First of all, this guy looks like Alan Thicke. I never noticed it until I saw his name. Now I can't un-see it. I'd bet this guy is related to AT in some way.
Secondly: If a guy was that insecure as to be babbling constantly about "tell me you love me baby, tell me that I'm everything, tell me that you don't want to live without me, lost without yoooooooooooooooooooooooo...." I'd be running the opposite direction.
Now, I've had a similar experience, it's not pleasant. It's alarming, even a little frightening.
This reminds me...
Something happened yesterday that I feel bad about. I didn't see it coming. I had to potentially break someone's heart yesterday and I didn't see it coming. Sigh...
I think I broke someone's heart yesterday and it makes me cry because I hate the feeling. He looked me in the eyes, grabbed me, he was standing close, and he said
" Don't you understand? I love you!" And he was crying! :(
It concerned my being mad at the person, ahem...
It was that guy that I've mentioned that I dated one time but was a platonic friend to me. A newer friend. I'm not attracted to him like that. He'd bragged about his...
Anyway, I'd kinda wondered about it here and there, but thought "'re just thinking everyone's in love with you. Next you'll be thinking the mail woman will be in love with you."
Nope. I was right.
It was awful. I think he wanted to kiss me on the lips when he said it.
I pulled my head back, pulled away a little, and said " Aw, I love you too, _______!!
As a friend, of course, I love all my friends!" I was thrown off.
I know, I know.
See why I feel horrible? I literally said that. And yes, he had the exact
reaction that you might expect. Him picking his heart up off the floor while I turn my head and pretend not to watch or know what's happening. :(
Before he left he said...
"I didn't meant what you think anyway."
And I said " Oh, I'm glad I was just tripping or something then! Sorry about that!"
Giving him the out was bad. He'd meant it. He was crying you guys. :(

Anyway, this leads me to another gripe, actually.
I'm going to get flak for this probably.
I don't like that song "It breaks my haahhaahahahahahahahah-heart" Yes.
At first I thought "Regina Spektor- How cute, what a catchy little tune!"
I was in Asia when I first heard it, actually. Asian MTV.

FF 6 months later, it literally just now played on VH1, reminding me of it.
Only now, I don't like it on principle. I don't think I like songs that I feel make a mockery of heartbreak.
She oughtta be wailing, shrieking, " IT BREAKS MY HEAAARRT!!!WWWWAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH"
Instead of "Oh, hahaha, 'twat's a lil heartbreak, eh? Hahah, I've never experienced true loss. Let's sip some tea and be princesses".
No, no. No. NO. I'm not sorry.
I like her, she's cute, and I don't take her seriously as anything more than a pop-song writer, if that.A piano twinkler with a cute smile.
My ex said she was fat, I actually liked that about her.:)
I'm sure she's not reading this, so I'm not worried about hurting the little crumpet's feelings. Aw, I don't mean to sound unkind, she's a cutie-pie.
Actually, she might be from Long Island for all I know. I still say what I say.
That's my spew.
Let's see...
I liked Pete's prologue. Engrossing. Wanted more. Dammit.
*Note* My email address was missing and I didn't know it.New blogger again.
Glad I thought to check and see if it was there just now. I put it back ;)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

This Fucking Rocks, Dammit! lol

It's only 1:11 but it rocks! This made my friend laugh and exclaim, "Wow, that's Killer!" and I admit I think so, too. I can hear where it's going. Obviously raw because it's a new song, starts off a little halting but gets going good.:

- - -

*note* the shirt is the "bangers out" shirt, but also it is the exact shirt I was wearing in my very 1st blogger profile photo. The one where I was swigging the bottle of alcohol.Don't know how many of you remember that photo. That's why I'm wearing it for that new profile photo. Kinda sentimental.Aw...:)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

What I would have said...

I would have said:
Hi Pete!
Er..."team member" hmm...
I suppose I shouldn't even bother to try and post then. :)
But I just wanted to say how tickled I am to see your blog back up. Looking forward to reading whatever you choose to put here as long as it's amusing, clever, brilliant, always "On" and ALWAYS referring to the Who- hehe ;)

Imbibing a bit and blogging ( Or: Bangers out!)...

I actually like this photo of myself neck up, but wasn't going to post it because of the "Bangers". But then I thought "Why not?" It's not pornographic, and Rachel's ITA fashion segment ( that you can see yourself if you go to and look at the lower part of the screen) gave a compelling argument as to why to have "bangers out". I'm trying to embrace my bangers, hehe, not literally but it's a tasteful pic, I think. Doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it right now. just occurred to me that I may yank it tomorrow morning when I wake up. In fact I am sleepy right now..Goodnight! :)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Attic Cheered Me Up:)

I was inspired. Thanks Pete, Rachel, and Andrew! ;)
My "Why Do People Lie?" song hadn't been played on the new guitar. This clip rattled me, actually.
This time the camera's movement seemed really distinct to me. You'll see if you sit through about 30 seconds or so ( it's only about 50 seconds:). This just happened, btw. Live, 5 minutes ago:

- - -

I went ahead and used the clip with Ghosty to play my little solo over it.
("They lie because they're afraid" ) It's so different playing the old stuff on the new guitar, easier. Sounds better. It's a real guitar. :) . Remember, I just did this now, still a little rattled.:

- - -

Friday, February 09, 2007

Something that bothered me...

More than 12 hospitals now ( another one reported tonight) around Los Angeles have had charges filed for dumping elderly sick homeless people on the streets. This one today: A man in a soiled hospital gown clutching a colostomy bag was dumped onto the sidewalk, literally, by a woman in a hospital van. Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital. When witnesses saw what was happening, the man laying on the sidewalk, they yelled, and the woman reportedly yelled back: "You help him!" and drove away.
And yet in Boston millions was reportedly spent on those ad promos that were found around the city, planted by the cartoon network. And no other cities, cities that had these same promos, none of them reacted this way.
That isn't the point. Boston. The point is that the US is really out of control with the spending on security measures, when they don't give a fuck about their sick or elderly citizens to begin with.
More and more hospitals in the U.S. are apparently feeling that it's ok to dump sick people on the streets to lay helpless clutching their colostomy bags. He didn't even have clothing on, other than a hospital gown!
Why is the US spending millions to protect this man from terrorists? They are taking the money from that elderly man's social security and other health-related programs and dumping him on the street to lay in his own filth on the streets of LA in broad daylight. I dunno. This is crazy to me!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Take 1 (of solo I'm working on) :

- - -

Take 2 (same solo):

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