Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hibernating (Brrrr it's cold!)...

It's been far colder here than I'm used to. I actually saw my own breath,it was that cold inside my own little house! No wonder I didn't want to get out of bed this morning!
I'm still in blah mode, though. I hate it, I hate being such a lamer. I tell myself that everything's going to be ok ( money worries, various problems, etc) but then this little counter voice says " No it's not, it's NOT going to be ok."
Now, this isn't a real voice, heheh, don't get the wrong idea. But it's still negativity trying to interject itself into my consciousness.
At least I'm aware of it, I guess.
But seriously, things don't feel like they are going to be ok.
I know others have it far worse than me. I don't mean to sound like a big baby.:(
In fact I'm going through this low-self-esteem phase. I hope it's a phase, anyway.
It's not really based on anything, nothing happened, anyway. I even had a date the other night.
A good-looking guy - aquaintance asked me out, I went. Other women had said that I should go. It was ok, except...I'm not really attracted to the guy "like that". Maybe I could have been, who knows, but there were little things that were ultimately a turn -off. His shirt was unbuttoned too low, for one. With all chest hairs showing... Yep. I'd never seen him looking that way before. It was a different side of this guy. He'd seemed ok until then.
He doesn't have my blog address. So he won't know these things. But with how cold it's been, to have one's shirt unbuttoned that low? And I could practically see his frozen nipples, the shirt was unbuttoned below them! Yep! If he'd moved right, I would have seen them! This was 20 degree farenheit weather, with wind chill factor, to boot.:) It foretold more disturbing things to come, anyway.

In any case, I'm just tired of BS. And I'm hibernating now. Once again I'm sorry for my bad blogging ways. But at the same time I'm thankful to you for checking on me.
Peeking into the room to see if I'm still breathing, while I'm asleep. In my hibernation. :)
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Monday, January 01, 2007

******Happy New Year********

Happy 2007 everyone!
I started to write some BS just now about being cautiously optimistic. I'm not really cautiously optimistic. I wish I was.
Actually, there were quite a few genuinely wonderful moments (for me) in 2006. There were times in 2006 when I was happy to be alive and I knew it. I am appreciative of those special moments, and I hope there are more of them this year, for all of us.:):):)
Thanks everyone for helping me get through 2006. Including this past Christmas. I need to try and catch up with each of you. Depression makes me feel like I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I'm sorry I've been so lame about replying. :( xoxoxoxo