Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Mysterious Bejeweled Thingamabob -What Is This?

I found something beautiful the other day, glittering in the sun. No one was around. At first I thought it might be a very expensive pen. The jewels (from a distance) looked as if they could be real. I pocketed the rather weighty item, went on my way.
Little did I know!
My first stop was a friend at the bank. I figured "H" would quickly tell me what it was. If anyone would know, it would be H. I was wrong. And now H is also very curious about the object. I asked B, and J, and L, and M, and K, and on and on. No one knew.
And now 9 people are also very curious to know: What is this Mysterious Bejeweled Doohicky Thingamabob? It appears to be well-made, though the diamonds and sapphires are not real( aw,shucks;). There is black enameling between the silver inlay. The only thing I can guess is perhaps "calligraphy pen with tip broken off."
I pose the question to you: What is this?