Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Heheh...who among you recognizes this? In the interest of time I cut his mumbling short, remember my vids only have 2 minute limits. So I had to give a highly abridged version of this. Question: Do you know who this is? :)
* Funny note: I'm wearing the exact same brown shirt that I was wearing in my very first profile pic, the one swigging from the bottle.Heheh...

Monday, February 27, 2006

Double whammy, "Tangerine" with a side of "Hangman" Heheh, listen for my email chime...
These are too funny.:D

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Harmony ideas that came to me tonight, regarding my cover of Bargain.
This video is hideouslol,my voice is thrashed, it's been a long day and I'd practiced Bargain a million times but I like the ideas I'm coming up
with, and even now as I write this I have more ideas. Sooo many mistakes to this thing, things I'd remove and things I'd add.Actually, this may not be up for long.This isn't even the best I'd done but it's the most current of the versions. It's the unflattering creative process...
I'll probably pull a switcheroo tomorrow. :)


Abarajame is an OLD rap song, all Spanish, it makes me LMAO.
I have no idea what they are singing. No idea whatsoever. Although I am
able to distinguish a couple of naughtier words here and there, like "puta".
Or "culo". Or "Maricon"
Someone watching me listen to this would think I fully know what they are singing. That I was bilingual. I have no idea. They could be singing about killing women or bringing back the holocaust, but they are singing it so humorously it makes me laugh every single time I hear it.
And how do I hear it? Why,in my i-tunes! I actually managed to track this song down after seeing it on Latin American MTV. I loved the video, they were parodying David Carradine, Kung Fu, which I loved. I loved Kung Fu. And there was a Mexican woman on a balcony gyrating in an electric blue bikini, with a huge fro. There were many funny images in the video.And yet I actually liked the song, too.
I've mentioned this a long time ago, but no one that was reading my blog back then spoke Spanish. If anyone speaks Spanish, has a good sense of humor, doesn't mind swear words and is willing to to go the trouble, Please go download " Abarajame" by ilya Kuryaki and the Valderramas, listen to it, and see if you can get some insight into this for me. I love this song, it makes me laugh, but if it's really something rude, I do want to know.
Ah, a boring Saturday morning without Pete.;)

Friday, February 17, 2006

My Eyes! Oh my eyes! Slightly better pics of my eye painting. Painted it about 5 years ago. If I ever have an album I want to use this painting as a cover.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I was making this for Claire only,figured she might be interested in these chords... but then it turned out funny, so figured why not?
I do a not too bad version of this normally, believe it or not. Remember, it's supposed to be a duet, anyway. I'm not even supposed to be singing both parts, much less accompanying myself. "The sky is filled with good and bad..."

Monday, February 13, 2006

Bad Mood Lately...

I admit it, I've been in a kind of bad mood lately. Various reasons...That's why I haven't been making clips though I haven't been lacking for desire to play. I'm more critical of myself than anyone, so I've just been trying to avoid anything that will just make me feel worse. I already feel bad enough without thinking that I suck musically and feeling frustrated with that, too. So this is why I have been not going anywhere in blogland, and not jamming or making music. Just trying to take my mind off of my life in general.I've even been backsliding a little on the dieting. Sorry everyone, if I've been a crappy blogger lately. Just not at my best but I am trying to pull out of it, I swear. Things overall could be looking up.I hope so!

Monday, February 06, 2006

I think this is rad and I don't care what you say lol My throat is dry, yes there are things that could be critisized about it. But I think it's good anyway. My big problem is that I am a technophobe and I need to learn how to properly record myself. Or get someone to take me seriously and record me for God's sakes. If I sound cranky, I am. lol...this is 2 minutes long.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

What I know of this one...Actually, this is another by ear, if the chords are wrong this is why. Bear with me...:)