Friday, August 24, 2007


There's been some weirdness here, strange little things happening. It's been going on for awhile now:

- - -

Someone left these tall flowering plants, roots and all, laying across the hood of my
car a little over a week ago. Exactly one week after that, they left an empty
12-pack of Coors light.
Except I don't think the box was originally empty. I think
someone stole the beer that was left on top of my car for me. It's that kind of neighborhood. If you leave something outside on the sidewalk or on top of your car
for 2 days (like I did with this beer), someone will walk off with it. Especially if it's beer. ;)
I don't like beer, actually. But the person obviously doesn't know this.

The flowers sprout from red, heart shaped bulbs...
They'd been careful not to get dirt on my car, even though they'd left the roots attached. And they knew which silver car out there was mine. I seem to have a secret admirer, I guess. Isn't that what people used to call this sort of thing? I dunno.