Thursday, June 28, 2007

Icky Thump Revisited :)

I think I'm gettin' it! It's the lyrics I was reading, I admit. But I was
playing this by ear (as usual:).

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

*Important* When My Computer Died:

I keep forgetting this, even though it's important:
When my computer died I lost everything. everyone's email addresses, everything.
In fact, it was that kind of huge loss where you don't/can't grasp what all you've lost at first. You register the big stuff right away, and then it becomes the gift that keeps on giving. Yesterday I realized I was missing certain people's emails. Unfortunately, it was the email address of someone that no longer has their email address up. Which reminded me to mention this here. I have tried and been able to
replace some, but others, no. I wanted to make a list of people and post it here, but then it occurred me that they should have their privacy respected.
It has hurt to lose some of these addresses, I can't easily replace them.

Anyway, I guess how I'll play this is:
If I have emailed you before, and if you've emailed me, and you haven't heard from
me in email for a long time, this might be why. I *would* email certain people with what's going on but I can't.
Dang it, my space bar keeps sticking. Recently I posted "noticeable" as "notice able"
at someone else's blog. :)
Hope you all are fine! Email me! Go ahead! Although I don't want no stinkin' spam.:P

Sunday, June 24, 2007


I'm doing better mentally/emotionally since the stunning court day this past week.
I was on a sort of natural valium - type high afterwards, feeling so relaxed after
all that time of dreading/fearing the big day in court.
Bu the fear started to replace it again when I realized that I probably have a bull's eye on my back now. Maybe he was waiting to see how it was going to be in court
before deciding to do something drastic. This makes sense to me. I shouldn't have been so scared before court, NOW is the time I should be afraid because the truth is coming out in court, and he doesn't want that. I don't have all the answers, not by a long shot.
In fact, I have more questions now than I did going in. Such as tax questions.
But I can't go into it all here, I know. Besides, I really feel that he is lurking now.
*(Just now came back and edited out a lot of what I wrote right here.)*
This story is like something out of a Lifetime movie. The details and the level of deception. Anyway, I've said too much already.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. :)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Out Of Control (not really)!

The last time I felt this way, sort of desperate, sad, scared - I wound up drinking and home perming. The drunken home perm fiasco. In fact, to the right, you'll see my current blog photo, with long, flowing bangs. This isn't a very old photo, yet it must be pre-drunken home perm. My bangs went with the home perm. I wore kerchiefs on me 'ead aftwards, as evidenced in this stunning previous profile photo:

- - -

Anyway, I've heard it said that when women are going through hard times in their life- times where they feel things aren't in their control- they tend to do something drastic to their hair. It was in context of Brittany Spears' head shaving incident. But I know this is true. And I immediately thought of my own recent experiments.

Well, I am now feeling this way again. Recognizing it was good, I didn't do any hair cutting or drastic actions, but I did have some fun recently experimenting with temporary dyes.

- - -

Another one:

- - -

A drunk man followed me onto the beach and then all the way on my walk yesterday.
I got a lot of attention yesterday with this hair,I wasn't prepared for that.
Immediately afterwards (after extricating myself from the friendly homeless guy)I went and got something to tone it down. It was pretty, but more flamboyant than I
When my hair was wet, temporary illusion, it suddenly looked very dark. This
was something I'd not ever tried, to go darker with my hair. I turned the webcam
on and snapped a few pics:

- - -

One more (excuse the old pajama top in the photos - what better to dye in?):

- - -

*Note* I'm growing my bangs out. I miss the long hair in front-this is how far it's grown since the perm-burn in front.. :(
So should I go brunette? Like the illusion above? Or go back to dark blonde hair? I'm feeling dark with my mood, so I guess I'm wanting to show it with my hair. I have to go to divorce court in a couple of days, maybe there's a subconscious desire to throw off my ex, surprise him...Hmmm....
Hope all's well with everyone! Happy Father's Day to all you Dad's out there!:)xoxoxo

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Icky Thump lyrics

I know where the video is (en Espanol) but there's no embed for it. It's been yanked all over the place.*this is not the original video but it works*
I love this song/video. It rocks! Reminds me of adventures I've had in Mexico. My fave part: "Lalalalalalalalalalaaaaa" ;)

*The real video*

Saturday, June 09, 2007

This cat amused me.
Sometimes they really are like humans. Check out how fixated he is on the TV. Chunky little couch potato.:)

Weekend Thoughts...

It's been too hot lately, my energy level has been lower. I still walk daily, but the heat in the afternoon has been getting to me. It's been getting to Chicky Woo, as well -he's taken to stealing the best spot in the house, in front of the AC. And he sits there with his rump to it, the blast ruffling the fur all over his body. I've never seen a cat do this. Oh, he's stolen my seat a thousand and one times, but this sitting directly in front of the AC is new. Aw, poor Chicky.
Now get out of my spot!;)
*note* I checked him over, actually, to make sure he wasn't heatstroked or dehydrated. He's fine. He's just a brat. ;)

Otherwise I'm laying low, stressing out about an upcoming divorce court date. It had been delayed, rescheduled due to that Memorial Day weekend. That's why I'd not mentioned the Big Day again. Actually, I'd wondered about that in the 1st place when I filed the papers and received that initial court date. I knew it was going to be around the holiday. Sure enough.
So the Big Day is a couple weeks from now.
Plus my various old physical injuries are worse than ever. There are specifics and
it's just the way it is. :( I deal with it. I'm not complaining, not really.

I'm trying to enjoy the weekend and catch up on blogging, nothing I can do right now or tomorrow, eh?
It was you all checking in that is helping me to get through this stuff. As usual I want to say more but I shouldn't. I appreciate you a lot. I hope you all are doing better than I am, for sure. And I know that I could be doing worse myself, there is always that potential. Eeeek!
So I am grateful for the good in life that I have. I should say that more often, I admit. " I am grateful for the good things in my life."
Such as blogger friends. :)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Needs no introduction or explanation. :)

Friday, June 01, 2007

Computer Down Again....

I didn't get a chance to catch up with you guys, before it died again!:(
I removed and cleaned a box-fan thingie and a couple of other things, connected them back up again, and voila! Here I am again? How am I managing to do this? :)
Miss everyone.