Saturday, April 26, 2008

Here I am!

Seems like every time I post now something happens to contradict the cheerful tone.
To instantly render my post obsolete. I swear I'm building a phobia about posting.:(

Lotta stuff going on recently, upsetting things that I'm trying to overcome. Taxes and all that is involved with having to file married. There's a lot more to that one,
I'm sure you all can imagine... I'd better concentrate on trying to catch up at others' blogs rather than trying to say more.
A nice coincidence recently: Happened to be at Pete's for the 1st time in a long while, remembering something about a link for a free T - I want that T . Happened to catch a post that was brand new, at least there weren't yet any comments and the time indicated it was brand new. So I said hello, sort of. ;)

But I fear it gave the idea I've been online much more than I have been. If I *had* been online, I would have been blogging the people that have actually been blogging me! I wouldn't just write Pete without writing anyone else, yet this must be the impression I am giving these days! I know people have not seen me anywhere else. It's true I don't lurk at the forums or anywhere - I just don't have it in me to keep my big mouth shut ( or fingers tied away from keyboard?) when lurking. ;)
Anyway, I've missed posting about a lot of things...the passing of people that brought light to the world. RIP M.R. and C.H. (to name a couple). You are gone but not forgotten.
And neither are any of my friends - you are not forgotten! I miss you.