Saturday, May 26, 2007

I'm Back! Sort Of...

"It can't be the videocard, that never goes out"

Hehe, that's what I get for listening to others when I knew in my gut it was indeed
the videocard. I finally said to myself "try it anyway" and dug up my old videocard out of the closet. Plugged it in, and here I am! Didn't I miss someone's birthday, BTW? ;)

Thanks everyone that worried for me, I really haven't been so great and you were all picking up on that, I can see now by reading all the comments.
I've missed you all badly! xoxoxoox

Monday, May 14, 2007

computer down

I think it's my video card-I'm on a neighbors computer,a laptop.
I can only hope that it wasn't a sabotage, like before. I'm not certain it's the video card, but it's a guess based upon certain things. Don't know what I can do to
fix it, I'm broke, for one.:(
I can't check my email right now.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mr. Critical...

- - -

Live!Looking -like -crap -in -the -middle -of- a- nervous -breakdown, it's Nabonidus!:)
Aw, I don't care. I came up with more lyrics for Mr. Critical and it made me feel a little better:

I say the sky is blue and you say it's gray
You pick apart everything that I say
Mr. Critical
Can't seem to say or do anything right
for you
I think it's clear we're through
Don't you?

You'd rather find fault with me
Then try to change yourself
It's always easier
to blame someone else

That's what I have so far. Needs work but it's coming along now. Makes me feel a little better because this is what I feel happened with us recently. He didn't want to stop drinking, he knew if he stayed with me he'd have to stop certain things, and he didn't want to stop. He's destroying himself. :(
I saw him fall back in love with me and he'd even admitted it. And it scared him.
I saw that, too. I didn't do a damned thing wrong in this reconciliation except try to help him.
I feel better for having said this because it has bothered me badly ever since it happened. It's like I did whatever I was supposed to do in the reconciliation process, but somehow I am looking like the bad guy.
One minute we were happy and falling back in love, next thing I know he's literally
inventing things to be mad at me about. I even have proof but I can't talk about it-I even was able to confront him with proof that he was purposely starting fights with me for no reason! God, I wish I could tell about this insanity. :(

Anyway. I'd better concentrate on my song. Else I get too sad again.
I like my new song. It's not that bad.*note* My voice is coming back from this horrible laryngitis, it's the first vocals I've done in awhile. It's hard for me to
sing "quietly" which is what I'm doing here -I sound best when projecting. But all the neighbors are in their yard right now eating, I can hear them and I think they can hear me. Don't really feel like giving them dinner theater tonight. :)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


For the other shoe to drop. He's being quiet, and I know it means that he's probably hiring high dollar lawyers and transferring this and that to here and there. He'll destroy me, he's just too smart to do it in broad daylight. With his bare hands.

I feel like I have the truth on my side, though. It's like the one thing I feel I have.
But I figure it's not enough. Having some low moments, I guess.
I can't say anything because he is probably checking in here. :(

Sunday, May 06, 2007


The answers to Name that Whune!
I will list them in the comments, so you'll have to open the
comments to see them.:)

Friday, May 04, 2007

Name Those Whunes!

****New and Improved!*****
Find the Who tunes within another Who tune.
This time strictly Who stuff, not any original material
to make it even more confusing. :)

I was thinking, instead of listing the songs that you find just yet,
just say the amount of songs you found. That way no spoilers just yet :)
Hint: They are Who tunes. Not any solo stuff. Also not necessarily in the right
keys or even rhythms.Hehe...
It's #5 module.
Name that Whune:

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

"You've Been Served"

So we worked that part out. I saw him for a second.
Afterwards, I actually deadbolted my door with shaking hands, it wasn't handing them over, it's what is contained within those papers. So it was more anticipating that he might come back.
I'm really scared, actually. This just happened a few minutes ago. He's going to be mad. Because I'm asking questions, basically.
I shouldn't say any more.

Anyway, I need to eat. I haven't eaten today and I feel lightheaded. But I'm not hungry.
The divorce diet. :(
*update* I ordered a pizza. I rarely do such things, figured it would be almost
celebratory. A little treat.
Hope everyone else is well tonight. :)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Since I'm craving Sitting..

I kept hearing something in module #5 at the Method home page, and I couldn't help myself. I recognized something in one of my own originals, I thought it might fit with this little rocking clip at module 5. But also I try a tiny nod at which Pete song I think this is. Not sure if it will be heard but this was a fun experiment. It was some improv. I probably shouldn't leave it up too long. Might be some sort of infringement. :)